Website Award!

Congrats go out to Out & About Communications! We are thrilled to hear they received a Communicator Award for their redesign of TurningPoint Executive Search’s website. Their incredible website redesign enhanced user experience by building an intuitive content management system on the backend.   The new website focuses on improving visual impact while spotlighting TurningPoint’s messaging. The Communicator [...]

Pinching Pennies Hurts Your Hiring

We hope you can learn from our client’s mistake… Recently a client engaged TurningPoint Executive Search to recruit for a mid-level Sales Professional. After presenting several high caliber candidates, one stood out above the rest. Did he have the necessary education and technical know-how… YES! Was he a cultural fit… YES! Did he demonstrate industry knowledge… YES! […]

Your Website is Driving Your Customers Away!

Your personal “look” sends a distinct message about who you are- your values and what makes you unique. The same is true about your company’s “look.” No one wants to be told their style is boring or dated, or worse yet, unflattering. If you’re lucky, you have a good friend to stage an “intervention” before […]

From “Me” to “We”

Insights from Chief Mastermind Jack Kelly While a lot of companies make the mistake of promoting their best Sales Professional into a leadership role for the wrong reasons, promoting a top sales professional into leadership can work. The most important question to ask is: Are they ready to go from a “me” focus to a […]

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