Ghosting: Your New Hire May Be a No-Show!

There’s been a lot of chatter about the rise of ghosting in the job market. There was a time when employers were famous for going radio silent during the search process, leaving candidates dangling for weeks or months. The tables have turned. In today’s hot job market, job seekers are exacting their revenge – failing […]

You’re Too Cheap to Attract Great Talent!

The biggest obstacle standing between you and your “perfect hire” is not the size of the talent pool or a lack of qualified candidates who meet your expectations… Your biggest obstacle is YOU and your outdated compensation package. Any hiring manager or recruiter worth her weight can unearth the most passive job seekers. However, even […]

5 Reasons Your Hiring Strategy is Hurting You

Here are the stats: One bad hire costs a company up to 30% of the employee’s first year earnings. (Click here to calculate exactly how much your hiring mistake will cost you!) The current average tenure for employees is 4.6 years – less than 3 for sales professionals. Where employees were once expected to hold […]

Job Search Tools to Get the Job You Want

Job Search tools have reshaped hiring and recruiting. If your job search strategy doesn’t include a digital component, you’re going to be left behind. There’s been a lot of chatter about this being a “candidate’s market.” This may be true, but hiring managers and recruiters have high expectations for the candidates they see. They know […]

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