Stop Blaming Your Boss!

Less than 1% of commenters from our previous article had something positive to say about their current role, company, or the leadership. The other 1,200+ provided a laundry list of reasons why management stinks. It’s easy to place the blame solely on the boss. They are the ones responsible for company policies and procedures, creating […]

Why Good Employees Quit

Whether you engage an external recruiting expert like TurningPoint, or use your own in-house hiring manager, filling an open position (and the process of onboarding) can be very expensive. In addition, as companies become more collaborative and roles less autonomous, bringing on new staff members is not as seamless as it once was. With the […]

Age Doesn’t Matter ~The Value of Hiring Seasoned Workers

Over the last few years, we have noticed a growing trend in recruiting: The push to hire seasoned workers – more specifically, employees over 50.  In fact, this is the first time in history when as many as four generations of workers are sharing office space. The value experienced workers bring to the table are […]

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