The New Interview

Efficiency or Accuracy ~ Can you have one and still the other? This is the dilema hiring managers and recruiters are facing in the age of automation. With the number of applicants continuing to rise, (Yes, even in market like this one) the push to streamline the hiring process continues to escalate. Everyone benefits from […]

TurningPoint’s Junior Achievement Team Wins 2nd Place!

Last week, Ken Schmitt, Founder & President of TurningPoint Executive Search, guided Canyon Crest Academy’s 2019 Junior Achievement into 2nd place and one step closer to consideration for the National competition next month. When asked why drove him to become a mentor with Junior Achievement six years ago, Ken responded, “Growing up with an entrepreneurial […]

Launching Your Job Search Without Getting Caught ~ Do’s and Don’ts

Launching your job search while employed has some definite advantages. Without a time crunch, you are not at the mercy of job boards or networking opportunities. Additionally, you can catch up with professional connections without a hidden agenda (i.e. asking for a recommendation or introduction.) Most importantly, when the pickins’ are slim, you can calmly […]

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