Is Your Recruiter Ignoring You?

You just know the recruiter you spoke to is going to help you land your ideal job! He already had three roles he thought you’d be perfect for! So, you wait anxiously for the next phone call. After hours, days (maybe weeks) of anticipating some follow-up, you start to feel discouraged and begin to wonder: […]

Telecommuting ~ The Good, The Bad & The Solutions

Does your morning commute seem less congested these days? (Yeah, mine doesn’t either.) Considering the rising popularity of Telecommuting, it really should! According to Kate Lister, president of San Diego-based Global Workplace Analytics: Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed population, has grown by 115% since 2005, nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce. The employee population […]

Hiring a Successful Sales Professional

It’s a metrics-driven world. A company’s success or failure lies on the shoulders of its salespeople and their ability to bring in, upsell, and retain customers. Does that mean a successful salesperson is measured by numbers alone? If so, a ‘good’ salespeople can only become ‘great’ salespeople if they exceed their quota, right? Wrong. A […]

And the winners are… Congrats to our Q1 Placements!

2018 is off to a fabulous start for TuningPoint Executive Search and our clients! Congrats to our Q1 placements: Territory Manager ~ Dycem Limited Senior Manager, Sales Development ~ PatientSafe Solutions SVP Strategic Partnerships (1) ~ eMolecules SVP Strategic Partnerships (2) ~ eMolecules Assistant Branch Manager ~ Pine Environmental Vice President of Sales Operations/Sales Enablement […]

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