TurningPoint’s Junior Achievement Teams Win BIG!

Over 800 San Diego County students participated in the Junior Achievement 2019-2020 school program, culminating in 100 students, representing 19 student companies,  participating in the  2020 Virtual JA Company Program Competition. These 100 students worked through great adversity as their school locations closed and they were asked to stay at home indefinitely.  They found a way […]

TurningPoint Serves the Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

When plans change, what do we do… We PIVOT! The Oceanside Kitchen Collaborative has done just that to ensure our most vulnerable populations are being cared for during the COVID-19 crisis. From the beginning, OKC’s mission was clear: Support zero waste efforts by partnering with local farms and food businesses. They divert and rescue fresh produce […]

Your New Job Offer… Frozen due to COVID-19

Your resume outshined them all. You survived five rounds of interviews and the offer of a lifetime was extended… Then COVID-19 hit. Now, you are embroiled in the longest game of limbo known to mankind. You’re not alone. For many active and passive job seekers, their transition to a new organization and role has been […]

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