Today’s ‘No’ Could be Tomorrow’s Offer (Trust us!)

Being on the receiving end of a rejection letter isn’t easy… especially when you’ve been through half a dozen interviews . But don’t flame the company on glassdoor just yet! We’ve seen some interview surprises in the last few months… Scenario 1: Our client was down to two candidates we presented, both exceptional and a […]

How to be a Sleazy Salesman in 5 Easy Steps

The best customers aren’t always new customers.  Everyone knows tapping into your existing client base is one of the most cost effective and successful ways to generate revenue. However, there’s a fine line between keeping your professional relationships warm and being a sleazy salesman. Savvy salespeople recognize that the key to turning a one-time client […]

Private Equity Leaders Are in the Fight of Their Lives

Leaders in the Private Equity sphere are in the fight of their professional lives given the current environment. Navigating financial uncertainty is not new territory for many. However, doing so under the compounding layers of a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, social unrest, and an election year… that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. Success or failure […]

How to Hire a Recruiter That Doesn’t Suck

Hiring the perfect candidate is riddled with potential pitfalls. On the one hand, spending hour pouring over resumes and conducting countless interviews will cost you top candidates. On the other hand, hiring too quickly can land you an employee who doesn’t quite fit the bill. Did you know one in four employers cannot articulate why […]

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