Is “Clocking Out” a thing of the past?

Off duty: off-du-ty; adj. not engaged in or responsible for assigned work; pertaining to or during a period when a person is not at work. When does your workday begin? Perhaps you are an early bird and arrive in the office before the sun has fully risen. Maybe you’re someone who needs a slower paced […]

Your FREE 2020 Compensation Guide is here!

Are you “in the know” about the latest Compensation trends? Test your knowledge: 💰Top Performers are commanding a _________% pay increase when changing jobs. 📈Salaries and total earnings rose _______% in the last year. 🧐_____ in 10 candidates are entertaining multiple offers at the same time. 🧠Organizations are placing a higher value on what skills […]

Celebrating our Q4 Placements! #successfulrecruiting

The TurningPoint team was thrilled to wrap-up 2019 with TWO top-notch placements and 2 very satisfied clients! Congratulations to the new… Director of Customer Journey/CRM for KIA Motors America Vice President of Marketing for Verimatrix Ready to be one of our #successfulrecruiting stories? Here’s your chance! 

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