Fact #1: Unemployment is high – 8.4%

Fact #2: Many professionals are looking to make a change.

Fact #3: The hiring market is hot.

Fact #4: It’s YOUR fault you aren’t getting the talent you want.

That last one might be hard to swallow, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Collectively, our firm has over 80 years of recruiting experience. We’ve successfully placed junior sales reps and CEOs of multimillion-dollar global organizations through recessions and booms. Simply put, we’ve seen a thing or two and have some advice to help hiring managers attract and land the top candidates they’re looking for… instead of losing them to the competition.

Move It or Lose It

Speed is the name of the game, hiring managers. If you don’t move quickly, you’re going to lose the candidates you’re looking for. Whether you are partnering with an outside executive search firm like TurningPoint, or your internal recruiting team, gives you access to A-players you (and your competitors) never knew existed. Show them you mean business! As an organization, build a hiring strategy and communication timeline with minimal periods of radio silence. Eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming back-and-forth emails and delayed responses. Provide access to your calendar to expedite scheduling candidate interviews or check-in calls with the recruiter. Move quickly with feedback and next steps, giving candidates a sense that they are continually moving forward in the process.

Communication! Communication! Communication!

When working with outside recruiters and inside talent acquisition teams, communication is a 3-way street. The hiring manager, candidate, and recruiter must all be looped in for all communications. As mentioned above, communicate a schedule for check-ins and the next steps. If there are unexpected obstacles (which there will inevitably be), tell your recruiter. He or she has built a relationship with the candidate and is your best tool for keeping them warm during any delays. Additionally, communicate directly with the candidate when the predetermined schedule is disrupted. Silence is often interpreted as disinterest. In a market like today’s, silence is space for competitors to swoop in and grab your candidate! Don’t lose your #1 potential hire because an illness, unscheduled vacation, or temporary pause in the search wasn’t communicated.

Hiring is a bit like dating…

Your Woo Fu Must be Strong

Hiring is a lot like dating. A mutual connection knows both parties and thinks they’d get along smashingly. Introductions are made and the “get to know you” phase begins. Like a date, emails and interviews give the players a chance to ask about past histories and experiences, gather background information, answer “what would you do if” questions. Soon, it’s clear there’s a perfect mix of chemistry and compatibility and it’s a match made in heaven. All the work’s done, right? Of course not!

It’s time to bust out the black belt in Woo Fu! Hiring follows a similar trajectory. Once the offer is made and accepted, onboarding begins. It’s time for hiring managers to woo their new hires. Celebrate the victory with a gift basket or company swag bag. Get a team meet and greet (virtual or in-person) on the calendar. When appropriate, connect them with a seasoned employee to give them the lay of the land. (Click here for more Onboarding ideas.)

Don’t forget remote employees! In light of the current environment, a good portion of new hires will begin remotely. Integrating remote workers into the corporate community can be a challenge. There’s no one to show them the best local sushi bar or coolest coffee joint. Zoom lunches or happy hours are a great way to introduce him or her.

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