How ‘bout them Millennials, eh?


Let’s be honest. Millennials tend to get a bad rap in recent years. Time Magazine went so far as to call them the “Me Me Me Generation.” The general consensus is that Millennials expect high paying, socially minded jobs fresh out of school. Oh, and they want to work from home or wear shorts to the office. However, this generation of professionals is a force to be reckoned with. Making up 40% of the workforce by 2020, their seemingly idealistic expectations, are quickly becoming the norm. They bring to the table skills and a perspective the business world has yet to see. How we recruit, hire, and retain them will require that traditional businesses learn some new tricks.
We agree with AkkenCloud’s recent assessment of the situation. “To recruit young talent, companies need to educate themselves on what makes Millennials tick and how this generation chooses which companies to work for.”

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Recruiting the Millennial Generation: How it Differs and Where to Start

Via AkkenCloud

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