Avoid a Hiring Nightmare

The success of any organization, big or small, hinges on its people. Your team members are not just cogs in a machine;

they are the lifeblood of your company. That’s why hiring the right talent is one of the most critical decisions a business leader can make. But the path to building a stellar team isn’t always smooth. In fact, it can be quite scary!

Everyone knows a bad hire can be a catastrophic misstep, leading to a chain reaction of problems that ripple throughout the organization. More than just an immediate financial burden, a poor hire can cause long-term damage to your company’s morale, productivity, culture, and reputation.

But some organizations never even get that far because they fail to attract the right candidates, lose them in the hiring process, or watch them get snatched up by the competition. Let us help you avoid a hiring nightmare…

Don’t make your hiring process a haunted house

How do candidates submit resumes? Is there a phone screen? How many interviews should they plan for? Is there a follow-up protocol? An organized and well-communicated plan will keep your candidates from running away screaming and keep your hiring managers from being buried alive under excessive follow-up emails.

Beware of the scary compensation package

You won’t lure seasoned professionals away from their current company with a scary compensation package. While you might be limited by a budget, do your research to determine the true market value for your ideal candidate in order to have the best budget to work with. Trust us; nothing frightens an A-Player like an under-market offer.

Don’t suck their time with excessive interviews

Nothing drains a candidate’s enthusiasm more than interview after interview. If multiple interviews are necessary, gather the team ahead of time to determine which questions will be asked by which group. Repeating the same answers over and over will turn any candidate into a monster. Take advantage of a phone interview to get the basics, as this is much easier on your candidates’ schedules. Streamline your in-person interview process by scheduling all interviews in one day with as many stakeholders present as possible, or you’re driving a steak in the heart of an interested candidate.

Don’t ghost your candidates

Inform your applicants of the process from the onset to eliminate confusion, drop off, and burying your hiring manager in unnecessary emails. Telling candidates your “next steps” following their application submission eases their fear that they’ve sent their resume into the dark abyss.

No tricking the candidates

Vague job descriptions and hidden expectations are no treat for candidates. In fact, they’ll feel tricked into applying, damaging your organization’s reputation and chances at future successful hires. Be specific about the responsibilities, metrics, necessary skills, relevant experience, and soft skills you’re looking for. Be upfront about the compensation ranges and perks of the job. Playing games with any of these things will lead to unhappy candidates who might just egg your house!

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