Leaders, It’s Time to Revolutionize Recruiting

In recent years, leaders have recognized the need for significant shifts in their recruiting practices. A growing awareness of the importance of inclusivity and the creation of healthy work environments is challenging the traditional approach to hiring. This journey towards building workplaces where employees feel valued, represented, and like important contributors to the company’s success isn’t easy. Change is challenging and often slow. But organizations that want to stay competitive and keep their bottom line trending in the right direction can’t afford to dawdle.

From embracing diversity as a strength to building inclusive hiring practices to creating employee resource groups and committing to continuous learning and training, leaders can drive the movement toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Here is a look at why and how of revolutionized recruiting. For more on creating a bias-free recruiting strategy, check out this video from our Managing Director of Executive Search, Raquel Gallant.

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