We’re not going to waste your time discussing the current labor market. It’s tight, competitive, driven by candidates with multiple offers and high expectations, and nearly impossible to find high-caliber talent unless you’re a trained detective.

Here’s what we are going to tell you: To have any hope for successful hiring 2019, your recruitment strategy must be built around Recruitment Marketing.

Simply put, Recruitment Marketing is the process of nurturing and attracting talent using the same marketing methods marketing teams have been using to sell their products and services.

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A competitive and successful recruiting strategy recognizes that advertising jobs and searching for candidates has become very similar to advertising products and searching for customers. To avoid being the product left on the shelf, tailor your organization’s hiring strategy around these 4 ideas…

Recruitment Marketing through Employer Branding

Employer branding is nothing new. Social media and a competitive job market have made branding essential to every organization’s growth and success. It is the key to solving your biggest problem: Attracting a high caliber candidate with the skills, experience, and personality to meet your needs. It’s up to you to create and market your organization’s reputation, popularity as an employer, and its employee value proposition.

Research by LinkedIn has proven that more than 75% of job seekers research about a firm’s reputation and employer brand before they apply for an open position.

Product marketing is successful when it targets the buyer persona. Recruitment Marketing works in the same way. Using skills, experience, and personality you are looking for to develop your ideal candidate persona. Included in your candidate persona should be a data showing what types of platforms your target candidate is using in their job search. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are the most common. Educate yourself about free and sponsored advertising to get your market your brand and target your audience.

Recruitment Marketing through Candidate Experience

Why is the candidate experience so vital in a successful hiring strategy? Every candidate who comes in contact with your organization is now a part of your marketing team. He or she will be the mouthpiece for the organization and its employees. Build a positive candidate experience, and not only will you improve your brand’s reputation, you now have the potential to get it in front of their connections, giving you an even larger pool of candidates to choose from.

Recruitment Marketing

Candidate experience begins the moment he or she comes across your job posting. Is your marketing contemporary? Is posting user friendly, including links that work and multiple ways to share applicant resumes and videos? Timely, relevant feedback and transparency throughout the hiring process is key as well. Additionally, ongoing engagement before, during, and after hiring through blog subscriptions, newsletters and targeted emails are key to a successful experience. Engagement also gives you consistent access to top candidates who may be perfect for future positions.

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Recruitment Marketing through Referrals

Employee referrals are your most successful (and cheapest) recruitment marketing tool. Referred employees are the fastest hires, quickest to onboard, require significantly less money, and more loyal, resulting in lower turnover.  Referral programs benefit existing employees, as well. Not only can they be rewarded for referrals, enlisting them to recruit new hires gives them the opportunity to highlight what they love about your organization and being a part of it. Shining a light on their value proposition boosts loyalty and motivation.

Recruitment Marketing through Experts 

Did you know one in four employers aren’t sure why they hired the wrong person? Most chalk it up to “sometimes you just make a mistake.” That’s one costly mistake! Engaging with a recruiter will help you avoid the typical hiring mistakes most companies make and significantly increase your chances of making the right hire.

There are many benefits to working with a retained search firm like TurningPoint Executive Search. First and foremost, retained searches yield higher caliber candidates who fit most, if not all of a company’s needs.  Recruiters with a proven track record of making successful placements (and the retention rate to back it up) will help you find new hires that will be successful and are more likely to stay long-term.

More often than not, a company will choose to retain an outside recruiting firm, rather than utilizing an in-house hiring manager exclusively because of the complexity of the role or the organization itself. Retained recruiters have a deep pool of candidates, many of whom are not actively looking to change jobs. These employed, top-performing, passive candidates can be hard to find. Retained recruiters invest time to research and maintain deep networks across industries, domains, and job functions. This is a key differentiator between hiring managers and executive recruiters, and is extremely important when searching for uniquely qualified talent or a senior-level, high-salary, pivotal position.

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