Why hire a recruiter? We have an employee to do the hiring!

“Why would we hire a recruiter when we already have an internal Human Resources department?” We get that question a lot.

There are a lot of obvious reasons to hire a recruiter from an executive search firm like TurningPoint Executive Search… Your role is complex, you’ve already been to the well and keep coming up dry, you’d like to NOT be one of the 40% who hire the wrong person and waste an exorbitant amount of money… just to name a few of the obvious reason.

However, there are several benefits to working with a recruitment agency that may surprise you.

Tick Tock ~ Time

When you hire a recruiter you can speed up your recruitment process and save valuable time (and money and headaches!). Reviewing resumes, scheduling phone screenings, juggling multiple calendars to coordinate interviews… And that’s just to get the process started! Let’s not forget the interview series, final offer, negotiations, and onboarding process. Instead of dealing with the entire recruitment process yourself, an Exec Search firm can manage those details for you. Leaving you to focus on what’s most important – reviewing only the high-quality candidates they bring to the table. After an initial meeting to discuss your company culture and requirements and expectations for the role, they will take care of the rest. And don’t forget: Once you build a relationship with the executive search firm, the process will be streamlined even more for future roles.

They know a guy (or girl)…

Recruiters have a deep pool of candidates, many of whom are not actively looking to change jobs. They invest time to cultivate contacts across industries and job functions. Working with a recruiter enables you to extend your reach and find suitable candidates faster than you would on your own. This can be particularly beneficial for roles requiring hard-to-find skills.

Show me the money! Better yet, Save us the money!

Working with an executive search firm can also save you money. (Remember that 40% fail rate we mentioned earlier?) You won’t need to invest in various recruitment tools such as job posting websites or assessment software, as your recruiter will take care of that for you. Furthermore, high-caliber exec search firms have a strong branding strategy in place to attract new talent, meaning you won’t need to invest time or money in developing one yourself. They can also help reduce the risk of a wrong hire and new hire turnover, both of which can be very expensive.

Know-it-Alls… The good kind

A top-notch executive search firm has a well-earned wealth of knowledge and skills related to recruitment. They know how to gather relevant CVs, check references, conduct phone screenings, interview candidates, and assess skills if necessary. They also have a good understanding of recruitment laws and guidelines, including diversity and inclusion. This means they can provide valuable insights and advice to clients. Additionally, recruiters have a good understanding of the sector and the current market, which they can use to locate the right talent for your company.

The Go-Between

Recruiters act as a bridge between clients and candidates. They listen to both parties, identify their individual needs, and match the right role with the right talent. Beyond skills and experience, a skilled recruiter can help clients find candidates who match the organization’s values, company culture, work environment, and management style. This means clients and candidates can trust their recruiter to provide helpful feedback and ensure the process is efficient, smooth, and successful for everyone.

They’re there beyond the hire

When you engage an Executive Search firm like TurningPoint, you’ve created a long-term partnership that does not end once the final offer is signed. Not only do we support you through your onboarding process, but our Human Resources Solutions team can help develop your Human Resources strategy or a plan to align your people with your business goals. We know HR is more than just compliance or recruiting. Developing your leaders will transform your culture. Ultimately, the strength of your company is dependent on the engagement and alignment of your people with the core principles of your business. Long after your new hire is thriving, we continue to partner with you to provide the specific services you need, equipping you with a proactive strategy to navigate the unexpected successfully.

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