Why you’re a genius for hiring in Q1

You’re basking in the warm glow of holiday lights and an eggnog-induced nap because you and your team are ready to win the race to hire in Q1. Bravo, way to use your noggin’! Here’s why your brilliant strategy will bring you success. 

More fish in the sea

Research shows that most people are triggered to begin new things come the new year. This includes professionals ready to make a job change. After spending the holidays with people who actually like their jobs and reconnecting with old colleagues, candidates are eager to finally make the changes they’ve been desiring. And let’s not forget, they’ve already collected their year-end bonuses, so there are a few thousand less reasons to stay put “just a little longer.”

You’ve got the money and the plan

A new calendar year typically brings with it a new fiscal year. Translation: You can afford to hire the new sales leader you’ve been eyeing for months. Also working in your favor is the detailed hiring plan you developed during Q4. You know your team’s needs and what your ideal candidate’s resume should include. Come Jan 1, you will be ready to implement your aggressive hiring strategy and fill those roles ASAP!

All hands on deck

Holiday parties, vacation travel, and the inevitable winter flu has come and gone, so the office should be teeming with staff! (Not to mention, employees are banking their PTO for a trip to somewhere warm in the spring.) What does this mean for your Q1 hiring efforts? It means onboarding will be smooth sailing because your new hires will have consistent access to their colleagues and leaders and, in turn, will start turning a profit sooner rather than later.

The clock is not ticking

I’m going to be honest, as an executive recruiting firm, we’re big fans of Q4 hiring. There are a lot of benefits. However, there can be one significant drawback: time. By pushing your hiring to Q1, you are giving yourself the gift of time. Obviously, you can’t take too long, or you’re going to lose the candidates you want, but the clock is ticking a little less loudly in January.

Whether you’re planning to nab that new manager by the end of Q4 or give yourself a little runway in Q1, an intentional, efficient, and detailed hiring strategy is the key to a successful hire. Looking for more support with your hiring? Check this out.

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