You Snooze You Lose – Q4 Hiring!

We’ve officially hit that time of year when everyone’s saying, “Let’s catch up after the holidays”. Which is fine if you’re trying to schedule dinner with your neighbors… but if you’re talking about your hiring strategy for 2024, you might want to rethink that statement. You’re setting yourself up for some serious nightmares come Q1.

Luckily, we know how to make your new year a dream…

You Snooze, you lose! Don't miss out on Q4 hiring!

Hire all the way!

We’ll admit we might be a little biased. But, as an award-winning global executive search firm, we’ve earned our swagger. Our long-standing success stems from our extensive experience with the candidate & hiring market and proven strategies to bring our clients the best talent out there… especially in Q4.

Right now, you might be thinking: “With only a few weeks left in the year, isn’t it too late to partner with a recruiter to launch a new search?” We say absolutely not! Here’s why…

Access to exclusive candidates

Our deep pool of exclusive candidates yields higher-caliber applicants for you. Candidates you never knew existed. Candidates who are hungry for new opportunities…whether they’ve made that public or not. Passive candidates can be hard to find for a typical hiring manager, but our seasoned recruiters know exactly where to find them. In fact, they are already connected to them because they’ve invested time to cultivate those relationships across industry and job functions. This is the exclusivity only an executive recruiter can provide.

We’re here for you… and only you

Not everyone is as smart as you. They’re waiting until Q1 to start filling open roles. But you know better. Starting your 2024 hiring now gives you access to our exclusive network and significantly decreases the competition. Additionally, as a retained search firm, we work on a limited number of searches at any given time, giving us the bandwidth to be fully focused on your role. We will invest the time and resources to develop a complete understanding of your unique needs and expectations, as well as conduct a more exhaustive search to find you the most qualified candidate. We’re not “circling back” later, so you’ll be ringing in Q1 ahead of the competition.

Full (truncated) hiring cycle commitment

If you want your new hire to make an impact in Q1, you have to start the hiring process in Q4. This gives your new hire the opportunity to build momentum and gain speed before the year’s end and allows them to hit the ground running on Jan 1. That means you’re working on a truncated hiring timeline. Lucky for you, that’s our wheelhouse. With our laser focus on you as our client and an exclusive list of hungry, passive talent, the ball is rolling before we leave the kickoff meeting. We are committed to the full hiring cycle: from crafting a well-defined description of the role and your organization’s culture to sourcing and presenting the highest qualified candidates, to aiding in the development of the formal job offer, through assisting in the candidate’s transition and implementation of your organization’s onboarding process.

You need top talent now if you want to achieve growth in the new year. Partnering with an executive search firm like TurningPoint gives you the best opportunity to find and onboard that talent smoothly and efficiently while you’re sipping on eggnog and enjoying the most wonderful time of the year.

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