TurningPoint Executive Search launches NEW Sales & Marketing Talent Portals


Last week, TurningPoint Executive Search launched their innovative Sales & Marketing Talent Portals. Developed in response to requests from clients to find a solution that eliminates the need to review irrelevant resumes, these Portals offer an easy access platform in today’s tight labor market, granting companies access to an elite selection of top performers, without any upfront cost. By leveraging their robust network of national, pre-screened, highly qualified candidates, TurningPoint hopes to solve this problem by making sourcing and recruiting more cost and time effective.

According to Ken Schmitt, Founder & CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search,

“We spend a great deal of time screening hundreds of candidates each month, with only a few rising to the top of our rankings. TurningPoint’s Talent Portals are loaded with these “wow” candidates, and for the first time, our clients can now access them directly.  Even though we’d like to keep a tight lid on this awesome list, we know hiring managers and their organizations will benefit from having access to this group of pre-screened, exceptional employed candidates.” 

Each Talent Portal is categorized by industry, function, and compensation, allowing hiring managers and recruiters to quickly and easily view the right resumes to find the talent they are looking for.



For more information on how TurningPoint’s portals can make your hiring process more time and cost effective, contact Ken at portals@turningpointexecsearch.com

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