Employers… Here’s the simple truth: Your Application Process is Driving Away Top Talent!

It goes without saying, the job search process can be tedious and extremely frustrating. (Won’t someone create a universal job application!?) As a retained executive search firm, we have worked with hundreds of organizations to redesign and streamline their hiring process to make it easier for both them and the job seekers they’re looking to reel in.

Recently, I had the pleasure of helping my son search for his first summer job. Let me preface this by acknowledging that having an executive recruiter for a father can be both a help and a hindrance… my son would agree. In spite of my 20+ year recruiting veteran status, I ran into problem after problem with each new application process we embarked on. We were both ready to throw in the towel.

So, employers here’s how to cut the bull%@*t from your hiring process…

Share your hiring process with candidates ~ It’s not top secret!

Share your hiring process

Your hiring strategy is not a military secret. No one will accuse you of espionage for making it public. You will, however, build a reputation as an organization that values its applicant’s time and desire to work for you.  Simply informing job seekers of the “next steps” following their application submission, eases their fear that they’ve sent their resume into the dark abyss.  Simultaneously, you are preventing excessive “just checking in” emails and phone calls from eager applicants. Briefly outlining the process on your Open Jobs page (For example: application submission, review by an in-house recruiter or HR, phone interview if you match the job spec, and in-person interview) informs applicants where they are in the process.

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Check your technology- It’s not helping anyone if it doesn’t work!

Want your applicants to submit a top-notch resume? Make sure the link works! Recruiting experts also suggest allowing candidates to upload resumes from various sources – Monster, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.    Enabling them to save in-progress applications is also a great feature. Are you utilizing smart forms? These will show and hide questions to specific applicants based on their answers to previous questions- ensuring every question is relevant. Make sure you’ve included an automated follow-up email letting applicants know you’ve received their information. This is another great place to share your hiring process.

Make sure everyone is in the loop… Everyone!

“I’ll have the hiring manager call you.” If you have an applicant-facing role at the company, you need to be in the hiring strategy loop. Be aware of the open roles available and review the job specs so you can answer questions. If there are multiple people included in the process (recruiters and hiring managers, for example) we suggest having your hiring manager conduct a 30-minute conference with all your recruiters.

Use video interviews

Include a step between submitting an application and an in-person meeting. Video interviews move candidates through the process more efficiently. They also save them the hassle of rearranging their schedules to accommodate an in-person interview. These first-step interviews also save you time on unproductive meetings with candidates who won’t make the cut. If your company is really tech-savvy, you can incorporate software that helps candidates record videos of themselves responding to questions appearing on the screen.

In today’s market with average tenures dropping by nearly 10% each year, antiquated and inefficient recruiting tactics won’t cut it. In fact, it will turn away great hires. So, employers, help job seekers help you. Download our Ultimate Recruiting Cheat Sheet for more proven recruiting tips!


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