Job Search tools have reshaped hiring and recruiting. If your job search strategy doesn’t include a digital component, you’re going to be left behind.

There’s been a lot of chatter about this being a “candidate’s market.” This may be true, but hiring managers and recruiters have high expectations for the candidates they see. They know there’s no “perfect candidate”; but they are determined to find a candidate who’s “pretty darn close.”

These innovative job search tools are designed to streamline your job search strategy and help you rise to the top of the crowded candidate pool. They will help you incorporate automation to avoid repetitive and tedious tasks such as filling out application after application. These high-tech tools will also help you generate a “shouldn’t be missed” cover letter and ATS-friendly resume. Up-to-the-minute access to the jobs you want most and the people you need to know to make that happen are just a swipe left or right away. recently published a list of dynamic tools available for your 2018 Job Search. If you’re a job seeker, check it out and rocket your search into the digital age.

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