Formed as a resource for the region’s sales and marketing leaders, the Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance continues to provide world-class educational opportunities and build strong connections. And for some, it has been the catalyst to finding new opportunities.

Following his Member Spotlight presentation, founder and CEO at AnnexQ, and long-time sponsor, Jeremy Mendoza received a direct message from an attendee and soon-to-be graduate from San Diego State University.

“Grace reached out introducing herself and asked if I’d be open to meeting to “pick my brain” about starting her career in business/marketing. I agreed to the meeting. At the time, I happened to have a position open for a digital marketing intern and asked if she’d be interested in applying. She knocked the interview out of the park and now she works with me on marketing projects gaining valuable experience and mentorship, while receiving college course credits.”

According to Ken Schmitt, Founder of the SMLA and TurningPoint Executive Search, this type of collaboration is exactly what the organization is all about. “It is so fulfilling when I hear about strong connections being made through the SMLA,” says Schmitt, who founded the group back in 2011. “We are very fortunate to have such an experienced and well-networked community, and it’s these successes that keep our members engaged.”

The SMLA mission is simple – to bring sales and marketing leaders together, to enhance their productivity, build stronger bonds, leverage best practices, and ultimately increase sales and enhance brands. Clearly, they are making this a reality.