Your Sales Team is Overpaid!

In the fast-paced world of sales, Sales Managers face increasing pressure to build a high-performing sales force and pay them top value. The significant costs associated with hiring, coupled with the reality that 25-40% of Sales Professionals leave within the first 18 months, emphasize the critical importance of making the right hire.

While traditional factors like “culture fit” and “likability” remain relevant, the evolving landscape of technology and buyer-seller relationships demands a new set of skills from sales professionals. To thrive in this dynamic environment, Sales Managers seek Super-Star Sales-Professionals who not only stand out but deliver exceptional results. Download our 2024 Compensation Guide for more sales insights

Key Sales Skills Hiring Managers Prioritize

Hunter Mentality with Farmer Patience:

Successful salespeople are those willing to actively source new customers and differentiate between “easy sells” and “tough sells.” Relying solely on connections and referrals is no longer sufficient; top performers actively hunt for new clients while fostering long-term customer relationships.

Follow-Up Strategy:

A sale isn’t complete until the follow-up strategy is in motion.
Sales automation simplifies this process, with hiring managers seeking candidates disciplined enough to follow through the automated sales funnel, incorporating long-term nurture, up-selling, and referral campaigns.

Politely Persistent:

Strong sales professionals know the importance of staying on prospects’ radars. Politely pushing back when clients go silent, reminding them of timelines, and showing an understanding of their growth goals are crucial traits of Sales Superstars.

People Skills & Empathy:

Genuine connection with prospects goes beyond being a ‘born salesman.’ Effective sales professionals prioritize listening over talking, understanding the client’s decision-making process, and meeting them where they are in the buying cycle.

Product & Service Knowledge:

Beyond knowing the product inside out, successful salespeople provide tangible proof of their value proposition.
Showcase unique value through customer feedback, analytics, and success stories to demonstrate worth and differentiate from competitors.


In addition to a strong work ethic and a go-getter attitude, grit is a crucial trait. Angela Lee Duckworth defines grit as “passion and perseverance for very long-term goals,” a trait that distinguishes success from failure in the competitive world of sales.

Sales Managers must prioritize hiring individuals with a diverse skill set that aligns with the demands of the modern sales landscape. By focusing on these essential skills, organizations can build sales teams capable of navigating challenges and driving sustainable success.

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