TurningPoint Serves the Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

When plans change, what do we do… We PIVOT!

The Oceanside Kitchen Collaborative has done just that to ensure our most vulnerable populations are being cared for during the COVID-19 crisis. From the beginning, OKC’s mission was clear: Support zero waste efforts by partnering with local farms and food businesses. They divert and rescue fresh produce to nourish and educate the community and to create a strong local food system, raising awareness on the issues of wasted food and food waste. Their efforts are keeping healthy food on people’s plates and out of the landfill!

They have successfully achieved these goals for two years…until March 13th. Like many local businesses, OKC was faced with a new reality with the recent COVID-19 outbreak. However, instead of temporarily closing their doors, the OKC team used the infrastructure they’d built to serve our community beautiful, nutritious, chef-quality meals in a different way. Teaming up with the City of Oceanside, they are now providing financial relief for local restaurants by buying surplus ingredients, employing laid-off food staff, and creating meals for our community affected by the recent COVID19 outbreak.

Bacon & Veggie quiche with side salad and roasted eggplant!


Executive Chef Felix Alicade & Operations Director Mike Perez are no strangers to disaster relief. For the previous 3 years, they have been deployed all over the country to work with FEMA and other local non-profits to support those in need. Food relief is always the first line of defense and can provide people with more than just food. The common relief efforts are full of pre-packaged processed foods with simple meals like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, etc. While any relief effort helps raise the spirits of those affected by disaster, the OKC’s vision is to shatter the status quo with our culinary offerings. Check out this Bacon & Veggie Quiche with a side salad and roasted eggplant!

Local homeless shelters, retirement communities, family services groups, and any organizations that work with food insecure communities can connect with OKC to receive FREE meals for the people they serve. It’s that simple! TurningPoint Executive Search has had the great privilege of supporting OKC in these efforts. By donating our time and resources we’ve contributed to the serving of over 55,000 meals and counting! 

Learn more about how YOU can help OKC help those in need!

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