Hosted by TurningPoint Executive Search, a national sales & marketing recruiting firm, the 2017 Sales and Marketing Leader of the Year (SMLY) Awards were recently announced in San Diego. “We were so pleased to launch this event, acknowledging the region’s most innovative and productive sales and marketing leaders,” says Ken Schmitt, CEO and Founder of TurningPoint and the awards. “San Diego is home to some of the most imaginative and collaborative businesses in the country, and many of them have gained their prominence through the hard work and ingenuity of those leading the sales and marketing teams,” Schmitt continued. “These awards shine a spotlight on the best of the best in our region”

More than 55 nominees were submitted for the inaugural SMLY awards, and at the ceremony in Del Mar, the Top 3 winners for each of the four award categories were announced. This year’s winners included: Natalie Morse, Director of Marketing from Chosen Foods (Marketing Leader of the Year); Cindy Greatrex from NARAP (Sales Leader of the Year); Sean Ring from Innovative Employee Solutions (Disruptor of the Year); and David Meltzer from Sports 1 Marketing (Sales & Marketing Leader of the Year).

“We anticipated 125 attendees at this year’s event, but were pleasantly surprised by the incredible outpouring of support, attracting nearly 150 people when all was said and done,” explained Elaine Rosen, Director of Marketing and Operations for TurningPoint. “We were also thrilled that more than 35% of our nominees and 50% of our 1st place winners were women!”

“One of the things I am most proud of,” described Garrett Colbert from Wayferry and one of this year’s judges, “is the fact that the 55+ nominees are personally involved with more than 100 different charitable organizations. These leaders are truly making a difference in their communities!”

“After recruiting sales & marketing professionals across the country for more than 10 years, I am thrilled to highlight the accomplishments of these phenomenal individuals,” Schmitt went on to say. “The judging was not easy, and the event would not have been such a success without the support of our judges, those that nominated their peers, and our Sponsors.”