TurningPoint CEO releases new book, The Practical Optimist

TurningPoint Executive Search announces the release of President and Founder Ken Schmitt’s new book – The Practical Optimist: An Entrepreneurial Journey through Life’s Turning Points. As the leader of one of America’s leading boutique recruiting firms, Ken explores well-known leadership topics and explodes the myths around them. This is an illuminating and instructive dive into the intersection of leadership and life.

“Since starting my company in 2007, I’ve kept a track of my failures, struggles, surprises, successes and lessons. These entries were the initial catalyst for the book, and after 25 years of recruiting and 15 years as a business owner, I felt now was the right time to share some insights. This book touches on the imperative of showing up as a whole person to work, and being willing to share your personal passions outside of the office. I write about the importance of resilience and perseverance, having a personal and professional value system and the need for companies to build a diverse workforce. My hope is that hearing about my constant struggle with making the right decisions for my business, along with the value of taking calculated risks, others will feel inspired to take control of their own careers, following their true passion, rather than allowing their career to happen to them.”

Relatable, humorous, and layered with real life experience, this book breaks down the secrets and strategies Ken’s discovered to be the most effective in navigating the highs and lows which all businesses experience.