Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Inspiring Performance Through Diverse Connections

Our goal at TurningPoint Executive Search is to accelerate the development and advancement of diverse professionals, driving real change through unbiased, equitable hiring.

We proactively engage our exec search clients in discussions about the importance of diverse thinking within their organization. We highlight the strategic value of a diverse workforce focusing on its proven positive impact on profitability and company culture.  We encourage our partners to commit to authentic and intentional Diversity and Equity initiatives. As an Executive Search firm, we take it one step further by presenting our clients with a slate of diverse talent, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, female and cross-generational candidates.


More than the latest trend or a check box, encouraging our exec search clients to embrace a DEI recruiting strategy has always been a core passion for our firm. TurningPoint’s founder, Ken Schmitt, is the proud father of two sons, one being a transgender man. “I have a personal commitment to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace,” states Schmitt, “While the country has become more accepting over the past decade and DEI is a priority for many businesses, there is significant room for improvement.” … And TurningPoint Executive Search strives to be an active partner in that mission.

TurningPoint Executive Search is proud to be a sponsor of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center, helping support the needs and interests of diverse groups. The Resource Center services include support groups for youth, seniors, military service members, HIV/AIDS testing and prevention, counseling, civil rights advocacy, classes, and workgroups.




Here are a few intentional yet straightforward best practices you can implement to make your workplace more inclusive.

  • Remove gender from your applications, or offer an option for non-binary candidates, rather than just male and female
  • Remove names from resumes during the initial resume review process to reduce unconscious bias
  • Actively recruit from historically Black and Hispanic colleges
  • Reevaluate your job descriptions to remove unnecessary requirements that create barriers, eg. Is a 4-year degree truly essential?
  • Ensure equitable benefits, providing health insurance to all variations of families, and parental leave for fathers and mothers equally
  • Prioritize wage equity and openly discuss correlations between employee performance, position, and pay
  • Establish pay ranges based on the value of the role, rather than using a new applicant’s current/previous compensation
  • Celebrate and showcase initiatives and accomplishments of your diverse employees
  • Provide training to leaders to ensure fair consideration of ideas and solutions is given to all employees
  • Use and normalize inclusive language in communications, such as using preferred pronouns for employees and “partner” rather than the gendered “husband” or “wife”
  • Create inclusivity and diversity training programs
  • Support your employees that support causes
  • Establish employee mentorship programs and peer groups for BIPOC, female and underrepresented employee groups