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Businesses rely on TurningPoint to hire top-notch, ethical, and thoroughly screened professionals in a timely manner and at a fair price. Our process leverages a combination of in-depth research, direct recruiting, and comprehensive in-person screening to produce a well-rounded slate of candidates for each search.


The TurningPoint unique approach includes four parts: Define the ideal candidate, Develop a target list (recruiting plan and short list), Deliver the best talent and Results.


In today’s tight labor market traditional recruiting tactics simply won’t cut it. TurningPoint’s Portals are loaded with certified pre-screened, exceptional talent. Your next hire is waiting for you…let us make the introduction.

The Job Market Today

Our practice provides a personalized and collaborative approach to recruiting, delivering more than just a simple resume or bio. We source and present candidates with the technical skills, business acumen, and communication style that will make an impact on our client’s top and bottom line. This is the type of engagement our clients expect from their recruitment partner.

Utilizing a flexible, retained fee schedule, our team employs a strategy of direct recruiting, sourcing and networking to attract and place world class talent. Simply put, we are committed to presenting the best talent rather than the available talent.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

  1. What differentiates them from the other recruiters in the area?
  2. What is their Retention Ratio? (the number of placements that are still in the job 1 and 2 years later)
  3. What is the recruiter’s average time to fill? (on average, how much time does it take them to fill this type of position)
  4. How does the recruiter source and screen their candidates? (Monster.com, direct recruiting, in-person, phone, etc.)
  5. How many orders is the recruiter currently working on and what is their capacity to add more?
  6. What is the recruiter’s “fill ratio” over the past 6-12 months? (the percentage of positions they have filled compared to the number they have worked on – the industry average is approximately 45%)
  7. How many positions have been filled by the recruiter with the same criteria as your open position?
  8. On average, how many candidates do they present before a placement is made?
  9. What is the average salary for this type of position?
  10. What client references can the recruiter provide?

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