Retain Your New Hires

Studies show that creating a solid bond with new hires in the first 30-90 days has a direct effect on the longevity of employees. This is especially true with sales and marketing professionals, who focus on the fit with the organizational culture almost immediately. We work with our clients post-placement to provide one on one coaching to the hiring manger and our placement to enhance and strengthen their relationship and trust.

How does TurningPoint help?

We continue to partner with our clients after the placement is made, by providing onboarding coaching to each hiring manager and placement.

This one on one support ensures a shorter ramp up time, increased engagement and accelerated revenue production by our placements.

We provide our clients with insights and thought leadership on current and up-and-coming trends, availing them of real-time market intel in our whitepapers and blog posts. To help you design the first 30- to 45-day phase of your onboarding program, we’ve created a simple framework you can adapt to your organization.


Fostering personal connections—internally and externally—to socialize and engage


Delivering need-to-know information, data and resources to ensure early success


Establishing a baseline for success and a vision for future opportunities

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