TalentAccess™ Program

The last decade has seen a tremendous change in the way companies identify, attract, and hire new employees. In the late 90’s, the search for talent was primarily done through newspaper ads. As technology evolved, ads for jobs went digital. Employers relied on job boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder or niche sites like Dice and Craigslist to attract talent.

More recently, recruiting has gone social. As the hiring process has changed, so too has the structure of the hiring team. Some big companies employ sourcers whose only focus is identifying and pre-screening candidates, in conjunction with full blown internal recruiters. Without the resources of a Fortune 1000 company, smaller businesses rely 100% on the HR department to handle everything related to human capital: creating employee handbooks, to labor law compliance, employee relations and recruiting. This is where our new TalentAccess™ program comes in.

Our highly trained recruiters and researchers do all the heavy lifting, conducting targeted research and candidate sourcing specifically for your needs. The end result is a list of relevant, pre-screened and qualified talent. This solution is perfect for the employer who wants to be deeply involved in the screening and interview process without having to conduct the labor intensive researching and sourcing. Because this highly specialized solution is reserved for positions between $40k and $90k, our clients are able to lower their overall recruiting expenses while streamlining their hiring process.

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