VP of Operations

Location: San Diego, California | Job #:643 | Category: Operations- Management

Our client is a professional services firm that is looking to add a VP of Operations to their team to serve alongside the Founder and CEO. This person will be both strategic and tactical working to develop and execute on business optimization plans. The successful candidate will also collaborate with, and when appropriate, advocate for, proposed initiatives to the executive leadership team. Ultimately, the successful candidate will serve as the #2 to the CEO, crafting, maintaining and proactively presenting a business dashboard that covers the overall business through individual metrics and progress reports. While the short and mid-terms goals are to achieve top line revenues, efficient processes, profitability and increased market share, longer term, the vision is for the business to expand into the nation’s leading firm of its kind.

Company Operations, including Interface with Professional Team and Clients – 60% 
• Work alongside the CEO and executive leadership team, conduct ongoing review and improvement of workflow, team efficiencies and firm initiatives 
• Assess needs of the Core Team and implement systems and processes for enhancing team effectively and supplying superior service deliverable to clients
• Ensure firm initiatives and projects are on track and completed as planned 
• Communicate and partner with the executive team to build trust and relationships based on proactive guidance
• Track and assess financial reports, profitability and KPIs to recommend ways to reduce costs and improve company’s profits 
• Oversight of matters associated with budgets, targets, revenue goals and improvement initiatives
• Track and report ROI corresponding to service offerings, new product rollouts, conferences and networking events 
• Provide utilization reporting to consultants and recommendations for increasing utilization to 75% 
• Improve and standardize client servicing and deliverables to ensure consistent quality and thereby creating value for clients
• Develop standard operating procedures for tracking and measuring the success of client servicing efforts  
• Ongoing review of the client experience and resolve escalated client billing issues 
• Present to the Executive Committee short and long-term strategic operations plans and present successes, challenges and lessons learned
• Oversee overall sales strategy to maximize growth and profitability
• Manage ongoing recommendations of ways for staff to use systems to identify upsell opportunities and enhance customer service

Systems Optimization – 20% 
• Continual evaluation of existing technologies, software and training needs to decrease inefficiencies and deploy exceptional customer service and client retention
• Development and rollout technologies for clients
• Leverage technology to improve process and team efficiencies 
• Perform cost-benefit analysis on proposed new technology solutions and oversee implementation and training for the team on all new technologies 
• Implement new technology that aligns with overall objectives of the firm and facilitates improved project management and improved utilization for the professional team

Executive Management – 20%  
• Collaborate with executive team on Operations, Technology and Firm Initiatives
• Obtain, analyze and report monthly on operational KPIs and actively participate in all facets of the executive team, providing recommendations on pivot points
• Provide exemplary leadership and mentorship to direct reports, through an approach that prioritizes “leading by example by rolling up your sleeves” over delegation

• Minimum 10 years of operations and leadership experience within a professional services industry
• Track record of success in operations and execution of corporate initiatives
• Proven ability to develop and execute systems and processes to enrich and streamline customer experience 
• Strong background in reporting operational KPIs and providing recommendations to executive leadership team on operational considerations to advance the organization  
• Demonstrated ability to assess and implement technology solutions to address the needs of a service-based firm and deploy technology solutions for customers.  
• Experience with HubSpot preferred 

The ideal candidate will have…
• High degree of business acumen with strong analytical skills and leadership capabilities to both manage and collaborate with the Team, assess benchmarks and financial projections, inspire, innovate and advance the firm’s operations
• Track record of being an outstanding communicator, with experience proactively tracking, reporting and advancing operations for the business 
• Proven history of demonstrating exemplarily leadership and understanding of profitability goals
• Demonstrable combination of broad business acumen and hands on, tactical skills necessary to compile the team’s budget, present KPIs and utilization reports and collaborate with the executive team to implement operational business strategies
• Demonstrated ability to easily pivot when needed and oversee the development and rollout of technologies while assessing and improving existing technologies
• Exemplary showcase or operations and finance expertise
• Ability to illustrate succinctly, their project management, financial reporting and systems expertise
• Mindset that focuses on maintaining a constant focus on process improvement and system optimization


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