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When it comes to job searching and career transitions, think of your actions in terms of marketing a brand. In this situation, the brand is “Me, Inc.” and the product is your unique combination of skills and experience. Without a clear message that truly differentiates the brand, there is nothing to compel the marketplace to buy the product. Consistent visibility is also extremely important. Without an ongoing presence in the marketplace, your product will get lost among the competition. Finally, unless you are selling to a diverse group, you are limiting your potential “buyers” and therefore need to broaden your audience.

At its core, job searching is an exercise in project management and personal branding. To be successful, you must develop a timeline, milestones, metrics, action items, a budget, and an overall strategy. By focusing in these areas, you will accelerate your search, build credibility, and brand yourself as an expert in your field.


Our Executive Search practice offers a specialized approach to match professionals with their ideal position and culture.


Our process leverages a model that that combines in-depth research, direct recruiting, and comprehensive in-person screening to produce a well rounded slate of candidates for each search.


We maintain a fill ratio of 96%, nearly double the industry average, having placed nearly 300 professionals throughout San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and across the nation.

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