Connect With Victoria:

Victoria is TurningPoint’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager. As our in-house content creator, she collaborates with staff members from operations, marketing, and recruiting to keep her finger on the pulse of hiring market trends to develop real-time content for our audience. Her background in writing and publishing bolster her skills to develop and deploy social media initiatives, research and write relevant articles, and create email campaigns.

Prior to joining TurningPoint, Victoria spent a decade as a middle school teacher.  Working for several public and private educational institutions throughout San Diego, she developed a unique blend of one-on-one teaching skills and created customized curriculum and interactive programs, including lectures, in-depth research assignments, and unique, individualized assessment models. In her 30s she launched her own successful blog and website and become a published author after being invited to contribute to five different anthologies.

Victoria has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California, Riverside, and her Master’s in Education from the University of San Diego.  She lives in north county with her husband, an attorney, and their two teenage sons.  When she isn’t organizing college visits for her oldest son or running her younger son to band practice, you can usually find her going to concerts. She’s seen well over 200 bands perform and even attended some of the most famous music festivals. She has shared her love of music with her children beginning at a young age and they have both become accomplished musicians playing multiple instruments, as well as producing and releasing their own music through their own personal bands, Envy and Gnate. She plans to continue attending live performances, as long as she can sit… her days of standing in the pit are definitely over!