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Quiet Promoting: We’re not gonna take it!

Do you know the story about the frog who boiled to death? He wasn’t a dumb frog who carelessly jumped into a pot of boiling water. No, he was a normal frog, just like you  …

TurningPoint Executive Search Places KIA America’s New Director, Brand Experience

TurningPoint Executive Search recently placed Brad Mays as Director, Brand Experience for KIA America. In the role, Mays will lead all aspects of public relations and external communications including events, experiential, auto shows and strategic  …

Buckle Up! The 2023 Job Market is gonna be a bumpy ride

If you believe the news, anyone and everyone is in danger of being laid off any day now. Of course, if you believed the news, you’d think the world was ending tomorrow. We don’t dispute  …

Why you’re a genius for hiring in Q1

You’re basking in the warm glow of holiday lights and an eggnog-induced nap because you and your team are ready to win the race to hire in Q1. Bravo, way to use your noggin’! Here’s why  …

You snooze you lose… so does your Q1!

Upcoming holidays lulling your hiring into a turkey-induced nap? You’re setting yourself up for some serious nightmares come Q1. But we know how to make your new year a dream… We’ll admit we’re biased. As  …

Gobble Up Talent- Why the Best Hiring Happens in Q4!

We’re not sure where the myth of a Q4 hiring freeze started, but we can tell you it’s time to thaw it out! In fact, we’ve helped many of our clients gobble up the best  …

DEI Hiring: How can Small Businesses Join the Movement

Representation matters. This is one of the many reasons DEI hiring has become a top priority in many organizations in recent years. But what do you do if your organization is beholden to someone else  …

How To Avoid a Hiring Nightmare

There’s nothing scarier in a tight labor market than losing a fantastic candidate. How do you avoid having your candidate disappear or be snatched away by the competition?

Is Candidate Ghosting Haunting You?

ghost-ing (noun): the practice of ending a relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. How scary is candidate ghosting? Should you be concerned? In today’s job market… yes! Be a Ghost  …

Avoid These 5 Scary Hiring Mistakes

It’s the spookiest time of year for employers looking to hire before year’s end. It’s up to you to make your hiring process a fairytale and not a horror story! Avoid stumbling around like a  …