The Practical Optimist

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As a leader, it can be challenging to separate your personal and professional lives, but should you even try to?

In his heartfelt and often hilarious book, TurningPoint’s CEO, Ken Schmitt, shared his story of how he coped with his most difficult personal and professional crises.  Through Ken’s frank accounts, you discover strategies that will empower you to view life through a new lens and be proactive when trouble strikes.
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Twice a month, you can join Ken and his guests for real conversations about the intersection of leadership and life.  In each episode, you will hear candid, inspiring conversations with regular people who are industry leaders. We’ll talk about the decisions they’ve made – both good and bad – and the various turning points that made them the leader and the human being they are today.

This isn’t theoretical advice.  This is straight talk from leaders who have been there.
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