Real people having real conversations about the intersection of leadership and life.

The Practical Optimist is a heartfelt conversation about the intersection of our personal and professional lives and what shapes our decisions. In each episode, you will hear candid, inspiring conversations with regular people who are industry leaders. We’ll talk about the decisions they’ve made – both good and bad – and the various turning points that made them the leader and the human being they are today.

Hosted by Ken Schmitt

Like Father Like Son, with Kenn Schmitt Sr. (Ep.1)

On our inaugural podcast for the Practical Optimist, author, Ken Schmitt, talks about leadership and life with none other than… Kenn Schmitt… his father.

Father and son sit down to discuss how leadership development is shaped by life. From receiving a full ride to Pratt University at age 16 to dropping out halfway through to moving his family to the other side of the country for a new business adventure, Kenn shares how his life decisions paved the way for the leader, he would become and teach others how to be, as well. Beginning as a franchisee of a Carvel ice cream store, advancing to the District Vice President of Jack in the Box/Foodmaker to a full-time Uber driver who has had over 24,000 riders from 49 countries in his car, Kenn has much to impart about what makes a good leader.